Saturday, April 11, 2009

1p36 Conference Blog Launches

With the 2009 Conference quickly approaching, the Planning Committee wanted to create a centralized way of collecting and publishing information about the conference to ensure all who are interested in the conference get the details they need. Thus... a blog!

The intent will be to utilize this blog each year to disseminate details of the annual conference. We will give it a shot this year and see how it goes!

Initially, we have included general information about the conference in the following sections:

2009 1p36 Conference Quick Facts - An at-a-glance view of all the pertinent information regarding the conference. Location, date, hotel reservation link, etc.

2009 Conference Documentation - A list of links to all the documentation we have created for the conference. All the same documentation that was originally published in the Files section of the Yahoo! Group, plus more. Flyer, Hotel Reservation Instructions, Registration Form, etc.

Helpful Indianapolis Links - Links to maps, websites, shuttle services, attractions, restaurants, etc. that may be very useful to you and your families during your visit to Indianapolis.

Posts - More information about the conference in the form of posts.

More will certainly come, especially around details of our group filling enough rooms to satisfy our contractual obligation for the two days at the hotel. We have reserved 55 rooms for each night at the $109 rate. Of those 55, we MUST fill 38 or be financially responsible for them. As of this writing, we have filled up 20 rooms for each night. Thus, we need to still fill 18 more rooms so do not have to pay extra. So... let's get those rooms filled!!!! We would rather have to go back to the Embassy Suites and ask for more rooms vs. pay for unused rooms.

Here is the link to reserve your room as part of the block for the 1p36 Conference at the Embassy Suites. If we don't fill up our rooms by July 1, 2009, the hotel will try to fill them for us. Thus, essentially our $109 group room rate is secure until July 1st.

We look forward to seeing you all in Indy!

- The 2009 Planning Committee

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog site. It has been very helpful since this will be our 1st conference. We are so excited! Can't wait to meet everyone!

    Sherry Culvahouse (mom of Kaylee w/1p36 8 mo old and Allison 5 yrs old)